Compilation - Russian Revolution (CD)


Compiled by Dj Toto.After the success of 'Space Pirates Revolution' and 'Desperados Revolucion', the World-People Production propose you this year to live the craziness experience of the 'Russian Revolution'. This VA is the psychedelic point of view of 10 artists playing at the festival about this subversives country. Sometimes pumpy, sometimes groovy, always completly twisty and never boring, come and make the experience of the sound of 'Russian Revolution'.
Compiled once again by dj Toto, this VA is a selection of various artists from France to Russia, passing by Belgium, England, Switzerland, Greece. 'Russian Revolution' is a mix between new talents like DRoot, Occy and confirmed artists like Zirkin and Orestis. But it's also the story of the meeting of artists like Parasens vs Psyberpunk or vs Psymmetrix. A 100% Psytrance compilation.


1. 1919 - D-ROOT2. Life moves pretty - ASIMILON VS SUNDAY LIGHT3. Secret Russian Stuff - PARASENSE VS PSYMMETRIX4. Journeymen - OCCY5. Shamanica - SAMADHI6. Visa Story - (Psyberpunk rmxPARASENSE VS PSYBERPUNK7. Use your eyes - DUST8. Russian Freak Show - ZIRKIN9. Tovarich - ORESTIS10. Griboska - MIND DISTORTION SYSTEM