Compilation - Rising Beats (CD)


Compilation - Rising Beats (CD) Compiled by Liquid Shape.Ajnagroove Records is proud to announce 'Rising Beats', a compilation with real psychedelic tunes. A new Portuguese label that wants to show the best of psytrance music made on earth.
This selection was made by Liquid Shape, a Portuguese Dj and a true psychedelic trance lover. A mix of European and South American artists, telling psychedelic tales.

Fat synths and basslines, with twisted melodies are taking your brain to another dimension.

From Brazil, the dancefloor blasters Xpiral, Kronic and Cosmo Tech with two mental and groovy tracks.

Ital, the man of the moment in the psychedelic trance scene, Polaris, the French groovy old-school guy, with one fresh rhythm and innovative groove, will surprise you all.

From Portugal, three acts that are rocking with their energy and pumping music. Random Mode, with two of the tracks that will rock Boom 2010 in their main floor act, Photonik with a power psy and melodic track, and Bunker Jack will not give you a quiet moment with his Nordic influences.

To finish the compilation one progressive remix by Sergio Walgood (one of the Random Mode guys and a chill-out Wizard) from the well known Kino Oko track - Atomic Corner.

Take your time and enjoy this psychedelic journey, by Ajnagroove Records, well selected by Dj Liquid Shape and mastered at the 24Hours Studio by the experient Portuguese old school producer Diogo Ribeiro (aka D-Tector and Factor-D)

You will not have time to pee, has the cd starts!


1. Fat and tall - RANDOM MODE 
2. Fragment - POLARIS 
3. Magnet - PHOTONIK 
4. Friends - ITAL 
5. Exploration of space - XPIRAL VS KRONIC 
6. Twilight Realms - COSMO TECH VS XPIRAL 
7. Lsd Maybe - BUNKER JACK 
8. Let it hit you - RANDOM MODE 
9. Atomic Corner - (Sergio Walgood rmx)KINO OKO