Compilation - Revolve Winter 2010 CD + Magazine


14th magazine and 11th promo CD, with another varied selection of great tracks.Psychedelic night-time, morning sound, Goa, Progressive, minimal, whatever your favourite flavour, DJ Photon provides you with a tune to taste, swallow and excite your head.
Straight from the UK underground, Psymettrix and Italy's Dust spark your imagination; then the CD goes into more intense psychedelic terrority with the awesome Gaiana; splodgenessabounds with Psilocybian; Boomslang changes the mood towards morning sound and Dickster's inventiveness takes you higher. Moonweed who was on the first Dragonfly compilation has his first new release for over a decade, updating the recent Goa renaissance. Pragmateck who contacted Photon on myspace continues the Goa feel. Then the CD moves into progressive trance with Ramin and Dash's remix to Lemonchill and finally some more minimal acid-inspired prog with 4D.

If you've never got the magazine before, then try it and support underground independent press! Without more of you buying the CD and magazine it can't continue as advertising dries up and it is a great CD, don't be fooled by the price.

This magazine's articles generally focus on healing the spirit. Ralph Metzner who with Tim Leary helped psychedelic culture reemerge in the West looks at reintegrating the shadow side of personality. Guru Rattana explains Kundalini Yoga and there's a look at the Rainbow movement.

Interviews with various progressive and psytrance labels and musicians: Symphonix, Neutral Motion and others yet to be decided. Plus a look back at the Summer's festivals.

Give it a try you might just love it.


1. Imagination - PSYMMETRIX2. Giggity - DUST3. Web Of Nature - GIANA4. Dumfungled - PSILOCYBIAN5. Snack Attack - BOOMSLANG6. Inside - DICK TREVOR7. - MOONWEED8. Feel The Light - PRAGMATECK9. Kenji - Ramin and Dash Remix - LEMONCHILL10. Sucka - 4D