Compilation - Revolve Magazine Summer 2011 + CD


16th magazine and 13th promo CD and I think probably the best yet.Do not miss hearing this in top-quality CD format!
Consistently thumping tracks mastered by Jules Aphid Moon: one deep Progressive one, awesome Psychedelic night-time, morning sound and a proper trance tune. DJ Photon hopes it takes you into a state of deep meditation, trance and healing this Summer.

The inventive progressive master Tetrameth takes you into life's psychedelic mystery; then it's time for some night-time bouncing around with Looney Moon's Assioma. Into harder tonalities with Synthetic Chaos, the sound of London's underground crashes through with Isochronic on Psynon Records and Antispin pushes into deep subconscious terrority. Tantrix pulses through the mental chatter, the freed man's energy of Mechanimal vs. Continuem leads to the soaring new consciousness of Ital vs. DJ Vinnix. 6th Floor wraps things up with real trance, the digital version of the old skool German analog sound of LSG, Spicelab etc.

This magazine's articles focus on the need for change. Both of the economic system and our own consciousness leading up to 2012. Interviews with various progressive and psytrance labels and musicians: Ovnimoon, Braincell, Bmss Records from Germany. A preview of some of this Summer's festivals and much more.

Give it a try you might just love it.


1. The Eclectic Benevolence - TETRAMETH2. Interconnecting - ASSIOMA3. Bastard Tonality - SYNTHETIC CHAOS4. Need A Blast - ISOCHRONIC5. Cartisian - ANTISPIN6. Lost in Jesi - TANTRIX7. The Free Man - MECHANIMAL VS CONTINEUM8. Condor Elevado - ITAL FEAT. DJ VINNIX9. Caribbean Nights - 6TH FLOOR