Compilation - Revolve Magazine Summer 2009 + CD (CD)


Compilation - Revolve Magazine Summer 2009 + CD (CD) Twelve magazine and ninth promo CD, with I think some of the best tracks overall I've ever had on a compilation.

Ovnimoon from Chile should have had much more international success with bookings by now, his music is both inspiring and awesome morning sound, this tune has probably the best opening statement to any tune ever...

Night-time tunes from Electrypnose, one of the most eclectic producers around; Ajja whose name has become well established through great performances at Boom and all over the world; Neutral Motion who's already played at big parties in the UK and is set for greater success with his complicated pumping geometric night-time sounds and E.V.P known throughout the UK for his funky psychedelic groove.

Further Morning sounds from Sismic with soaring leads and pseudo 303 climax, Manmademan and Hopi's tribal workout, and Sonic Species' driving basslines guaranteed to get anyone up on their feet dancing. Rounded off with the Predators' tight cosmic exploration of psychedelic sound.

Get the wavs for true quality for about 7, 7 including postage rather than shitty downloaded mp3s. If you've never got the magazine before, then try it and support free press! Various ideas in this one from looking at the Sun as a conscious entity; to Goa then and now; amazing interview with visionary master Robert Venosa about his art; article about relationship healing. Interviews with artists and labels from all over the world, festival and party reviews and 40 CD reviews.

Give it a try you might just love it!
Style: Psytrance
Released: Jun. 2009/23

1. Galactic Mantra - (Feat Itom Lab)OVNIMOON, VIA AXIS 2. Create Realities - ELECTRYPNOSE 3. Divine Breath - AJJA 4. Decomposer - NEUTRAL MOTION 5. Prime Directives - EVP 6. Drums at dawn - SONIC SPECIES 7. Exploring Robots - SISMIC 8. 38.tune - MANMADEMAN, HOPI 9. Cosmos - PREDATORS -