Compilation - Resistrance


More than 10 years have passed since the creation of what has now become the Hadra 'Institution'. Five years after the release of 'Fantasia', Driss, the architect of the association and label, is proud to present his new double compilation composed of 19 mind-blowing tracks demonstrating his predilection for the 'psychedelic full on' style.
'Resistrance' is a condensed selection featuring some of the best producers of the moment. Internationally acclaimed artists such as Psysex, Loud and Rinkadink as well as Hadra producers Barak, Lunarave and Sine Die, and other artists from the regional scene and beyond, all contributed to the assignment.

'Resistrance' also pays homage to the hard work of a few dedicated individuals throughout the world who, for the past twenty-five years, have been fighting daily to promote, enrich and perpetuate the existence and recognition of our culture. It is a tribute to the artists, organisers and of course to the devoted audience who keep on increasing in numbers.

The two volumes of 'Resistrance' instigate a long journey. It is a reverence to the inventors of a new world, a new vision in which humans occupy the central place. We are counting on you and on your support to the artists so the quality and diversity of our musical culture continue to grow.


1. Ab Zee - RINKADINK2. Visible Light - PSYSEX3. Subsurface - TANTRIX4. Angelical Geminorum - HOLON5. Motorcycle from hell - LOUD6. Natural Internet - BARAK7. Mind of its own - LUCAS8. Scary Sprites - BROKEN TOY9. Maybe yes maybe no - D-ROOT10. Yellow Eye - CURIOUS DETAIL11. Fringe - FOAM12. Direct Control - DIGITAL TALK AND GEKO13. Flashbacks - BRAIN DRIVER14. Bio Digital Jazz - PAINKILLER15. I have a dream - PUNCHLINE16. Synapse Trigger - MR PECULIAR17. The Third Arena - SINE DIE18. Galactic Forces - LUNARAVE19. Unplugged Mind - (Reactive rmx)LUNARAVE