Compilation - Reconnexion


Soundkraft Records are proud to present their latest CD 'Reconnexion' compiled by Funk Truck.Music brings us together with the universe and it reconnects us to the reality of existence, the fullness of our beings as who we are.
It establishes our link with life and its essence through evolutionary frequencies of a bandwidth brought in via a spectrum of sound. These frequencies touch our hearts and bring about a reconnexion of our souls allowing us to explore the space within ourselves, and together with each other.

This reconnexion is real, its surreal.


1. Engines On - (Mute rmx)LOUD2. Survival Kit - (Funk Truck rmx)PSYSEX3. Android - (Flegma and Nerso rmx)ZYCE4. Drinks - KULARIS5. The Wilde - FUNK TRUCK6. Doing his magic - (Static Movement rmx) P2MUTE7. Maitreya - SYNTHETIC PULSE VS RUBAL8. Data Link - (Zyce rmx)FLEGMA AND NERSO9. Computer Breath - (Funk Truck rmx)SUN PROJECT10. Alternate Energy - PREMATRON