Compilation - Quantum Effects (CD)


Compilation - Quantum Effects (CD) Liquid Records return with yet another outstanding psychedelic trance release. This release plays testament to the brilliance of Liquid and there position as one of the leading trance labels for the UK.

This release explore the more acidic and sharper psychedelic sounds, as well as taking some of the trip through the night hours, but without it becoming too dark.

Through the first track and on to the next you will captivated by this unique and strong compilation, for your own listening purpose or through slamming the dancefloors with. Another top release from Liquid.
Style: Psytrance
Released: Jul. 2009/29

1. A few spoonfuls - DICKSTER, TRON 2. A poison tree - BEATNIK 3. It was wonderful - AVALON, ASIMILON, PARASENSE 4. Rubadux - AJJA 5. Echo One - BLIND ROLLER 6. Psycho-Tron Resonance - ORGANIC HYBRID 7. Ruff Fluff - MOOD DELUXE 8. Matilda - MODULE 9. Dynamo - SYNAPSE -