Compilation - Pure Planet Vol 3 (CD)


Compilation - Pure Planet Vol 3 (CD) Compiled by OmegaHertz The third part of a feast of sentiments. A dreamy travel through colors and the enchanting style of 'Goa Trance' up to one small touch of 'Chill Out'.

A rare combination of musicians with disposal to guide you in worlds where you have not known again. Artists and musical forms as OmegaHertz, Chi-Ad, Afgin, Radical Distortion, Cyberion, Aerosis and Side Liner do not leave no incurious.Powerful and unprecedented total of musical experience. Subversive continuously provocative and for the most exigent listeners, unreservedly a 'must' for the most powerful dance floors.

A musical assiduity and choice of the known artist 'OmegaHertz' where it will leave you with the best impressions, an experience which is going to make you want to repeat it diachronically. Let's travel therefore and find the 'Pure Planet' for a third astonishing experience
Style: Psytrance
Released: May 2009/19

1. Cause and effect - CHI-A.D.
2. The desert moon - OMEGAHERTZ
3. Dreams in motion - AFGIN
4. Tiny sparkling fairies wings - OMEGAHERTZ
5. Suamsami - AEROSIS
7. Imagine the future - RADICAL DISTORTION
8. Linked Souls - CYBERION
9. None of them knew - CYBERION
10. Deeply Leepy - SIDE LINER