Compilation - Psychic Chakra II - Family Of The Phoenix (CD)


Compilation - Psychic Chakra II - Family Of The Phoenix (CD) Uplifiting Melodic Neo Goa and Full-on Psychedelic Trance.The Good Doctor, leads you through an intentional sonic meditation for the Mind, Body, Soul combination.
He creates an immediate uplifting response by using each chakra to cleanse and prepare the little known 8th 9th and 10th Psychic Chakras. These 'Energy Chakras' are located outside your physical body but connect your personal trinity (M.B.S.) directly to your higher self. So gather your past and future energies together and ready your self to connect to the collective positive sub-conscious.


1. The Phoenix - SOUNDAHOLIX 
2. This is future - ANIMALIS 
3. DNA Manipulation - DR.HOFFMAN 
4. Altimetry - JIRAH 
5. 2-Fly - BRATEX 
6. Psychic Evolution - PLANEWALKER 
7. Cybernetic - (Tripy rmx)MINDSTORM AND ATOMICPULSE 
8. Experiments - (RandomRobot rmx)INTERSYS 
9. Dimentional Entity - BODHISATTVA 1320 AND RANDOM 
10. Feed your ego - (Frost-RAVEN rmx)ECTIMA 
11. Paradise - BIRD OF PREY