Compilation - Psychedelic Circus Festival (CD)


Compilation - Psychedelic Circus Festival (CD) Clear the ring for Psychedelic Circus!As if the increasingly warm temperatures and the clothes getting shorter and shorter because of this fact would not present enough reasons for being happy these days, the available compilation aims at raising the general spring euphony out there to the stakes finally. Because it delivers a tempting musical foretaste for the exotically coloured hustle and bustle in the arena of Psychedelic Circus festival that will take place again on the last weekend of May, more exact from 28. - 31.05. Already for the eleventh time, acoustic acrobats from all over the world will gather here to tantalize their audience with their daring tricks. Accordingly, a sparkling mixture of up-to-date Psy Trance sounds awaits the listeners on this sound carrier, whose varied styles reach from light and dizzy acrobatics to impressing hypnosis tricks. If used as soundtrack for the summer adventures of everyday life, if as acoustic party preparation together with friends or for some serious nodding during your journey to the Festival.


1. Judo Shop - (Rocky rmx)ACE VENTURA 
2. 400.000 Stars - (Suntree rmx)DUALSNUG 
3. Human Beings - GALACTIKA 
4. Soulhunter - TULK 
5. Strange Fragments - (Human Element rmx)ZYCE 
6. Nobody Knows - (Phaxe rmx)SYMPHONIX FEAT. VENES 
7. Fonan - KULARIS 
8. Adapt - NEELIX 
9. Richtig Fett - FUSCO AND SCHULZE