Compilation - Protozoa 2.0


Sita Records enters 2012 with a new chapter of the Protozoa series continuing the quest for gathering the best Nitzhogoa material worldwide!
From start to finish this CD will overwhelm you with ultra-melodic Goa Trance and dazzling Nitzhonot, compiled by Agneton and Goalien, ensuring the highest level of quality. Next to a few renowned inhome artists, Protozoa 2 has got lots of new names in store, each of them bursting with creativity. Ranging in between the rampaging 147 BPM-stormer by Zed Reactor and the highly-hypnotizing 158 BPM-track by Phargua, this brand new disc won't dissapoint any Goa-head in search of cutting-edge Nitzhogoa dedicated to a new generation.


1. Discarded Entity - (Part I)GOALIEN2. Air - JBC ARKADI3. Explosions Wackier - MIDI RICO4. Vega Sector - ZED REACTOR5. Brave New World - DRAGUN6. Time Machine - EPHEDRA7. Digital Dew - PHARGUA8. Landscapes from heaven - (Extended Version)EPHEDRA9. Liquidious Fleshbag - ION VADER10. Discarded Entity - (Ptart II)GOALIEN