Compilation - Progressive Textures


Compiled by OvnimoonOvnimoon Records presents the newest 2CD compilation selected by label master and world famous trance producer Ovnimoon titled Progressive Textures. All the songs on this compilation are tested and ready for those moments of bliss on any dance floor when you just can't believe the creativity and beauty of the music being heard. Twenty well chosen and compiled progressive trance masterpieces produced by successful trance artist along with the newest rising progressive stars from all around our planet.
There will be no picking though these to find the hit track because every one is a mega hit. Get your copy soon before the limited numbers of this stellar release is sold out.


1. Light Source - ELEGY AND SUDUAYA 
2. Who's There - (Smoke Sign, Solarix rmx)FUNKY DRAGON 
3. Liberation - (Flegma edit)OVNIMOON AND FLEGMA 
4. Musicologia - LUPIN 
5. Bursting with life - ALTER NATURE 
6. Contact - (Flat bassline)DANIEL LESDEN 
7. Liliacea - SIDE WINDER 
8. Spiral Motion - HAFFMAN 
9. Bird Planet - PARALOGUE 
10. The Flow - ELECTRONIC GRIND, LUNECELL11. Offbeat Heartbeat - (AuraFood rmx)PSILOCYBIAN 
12. Raveheart - (Smoke Sign rmx)FLOWJOB 
13. Xibalba - LUNAR 
14. Serengeti - ALTER NATURE 
15. Reanimation - (Side Winder rmx)ZYCE AND FLEGMA 
17. Native Wisdom - (Evenflow rmx)PULSAR AND LIQUID SOUND 
18. Heartcore - (HiTech LoLife rmx)METZANIMA 
19. Mi Barrio - HYPNOXOCK 
20. Northern Lights - UNUSUAL COSMIC PROCESS