Compilation - Progressive Sadhus (CD)


Compilation - Progressive Sadhus (CD) The 'Progressive Sadhus' is a compilation that brings you the finest sounds from the progressive trance scene.
These are freshest designed sounds from new talented artists along side with world renowned artists. Right from the first track, this compilation will make you move your body to the hypnotic pulse and take you on a special trip till the end of the album.

You just need to test this!


1. Infinity - 4-PLAY2. Recycled - DEEPLOMATIC3. Bullet - YOAKE4. All the way down - SPHERA5. Body Snatcher - FLEGMA AND NERSO6. Daydriver - ZYCE AND E-CLIP7. Practicle Accelerator - HUMAN GATE8. Lusid Vision - LUCID SOUND9. It's up to you - 4-PLAY