Compilation - Progressive Goa Trance Vol 8 (2CD)


Compilation - Progressive Goa Trance Vol 8 (2CD) Compiled by Vaishiyas Progressive Goa Trance Vol.8 contains 18 handpicked Progressive Trance Tracks on a higher level. A perfect collection of Top Tunes that are a must to every serious DJ and fan will be happy to get his hands on such a tasty collection of current releases.
The tracklist reads like the who-is-who of the most popular sound at present and Liquid Soul, Nok, Ticon, Symphonix, Audiomatic or Aerospace are signify for Zeitgeist!

Style: Progress Trance
Released: Oct. 2008/42

1. Spacelord - Vaishiyas
2. Prophecy - Liquid Soul
3. The Flow - Odiseo
4. Freeware - Bitmonx Vs. Dj Fabio
5. Magic Corner - Time In Motion
6. King For A Day - Vaishiyas
7. Combinations - Audiomatic And Day Din
8. Ayoka - Etic
9. In Heaven With You (Day Din Rmx) - Nok
10. Chicken Shaker (Aerospace Rmx) - Ticon
11. Trust - Aquafeel
12. Airport - Dj Fabio And Nok
13. Leave Me Alone - Symphonix
14. Using Light - Audiomatic And Nok
15. Who You Are - Vaishiyas
16. I Beg You (Day Din And Fabio Rmx) - Dualism Vs Meeloo
17. Vibrate Remix - Aerospace
18. Playloud - Motion Drive