Compilation - Progressive Dimensions (CD)


Compiled by Dj NV aka Dr. Spook.Phenomenal new Progressive tracks uplifting your spirits every step of the way through this full spectrum cross section showcasing the diverse ranging genre's and styles of progressive music.
From beginning to end the music is enticing the listener to have an inspiringly positive while full bodied energetic experience. Progressive Dimensions is the power of the peace flow progressive hard electro house dance music that your mother warned you about. Its gonna make you grind and howl and act like an animal cause that's what its all about!

Djnv takes it to the next level as he delivers 10 soul shaping infinite voyages into ecstatic pleasure and bliss! One by one you are treated to the top shelf gems, this collection of treasures comes from great progressive producers from across the globe such as Bratex from Brazil, Versi from Serbia, FrostRaven from San Francisco, Hypohektika from Germany, Animalis from Russia, Tricossoma from Portugal, and Cohuna Beats from Austria.

Packed in this comp are crazed funktastic groin throbbing hits by international lead players as well as tons of brand new talent spanking new and ready for the lime light!

This full power psy style hard-progressive electro house and techno trance is what you have been waiting for to start pumpin up your party.


1. Superficial - BRATEX 
2. Ocultism - VERSI 
3. Aero - FROST RAVEN 
4. Morgengrau - HYPOHEKTIKA 
5. Thinking like dolphins - THEOBROMA 
6. Love Story - ANIMALIS 
7. Open your mind - TRICOSSOMA 
8. Earth - (Original mix)NEMANJA KOSTIC 
9. R and R - RANDOM ROBOT 
10. Control - (Brain Implant mix)COHUNA BEATZ (AKA IMIX)