Compilation - Professional (CD)


Compilation - Professional (CD) We bring you the new chapter of our compilations series featuring some of the world's most established Psy-Trance composers, such as Voyager (Altom), Nomad, Mekkanikka, Mad Maxx and Massive (Sirius Isness), Painkiller, Bionix (XSI), Kali and Basic, but also introduces newer artists that are on a rapidly rising trajectory, delivering the fresh sounds to this masterpiece compilation including Ignition, Speedball and Audiohijack.
'Professional' is another solid release from Materia Records, including 10 dancefloor tracks with a distinct, high quality, mediterranean Full On style, from morning to night. Perfect if you want to rock the dancefloors with your DJ set!

All the tracks are connected to each other, which is essential for me as it is like a story that I have planned for the audience and each and every track perfectly introduces the listeners to this story.


1. Elektro - VOYAGER AKA ALTOEM2. The Old Times - MAD MAXX VS BIONIX3. E.M.F - NOMAD4. Electrive Groove - NOMAD5. Overdrive - BASIC VS MASSIVE6. Hypnotones - AUDIO HIJACK7. Generation - PAINKILLER VS MEKKANIKKA8. New World Order - KALI9. Scanner Darkly - SPEEDBALL10. All systems go - IGNITION