Compilation - Primordial (CD)


Compilation - Primordial (CD) Primordial is the hotly anticipated second compilation from Australian label, Biosine Records. After the success of their first release 'Cloud Catcher', label owners, foot-e and Jules searched long and hard for tracks that pleased their ears and minds. The result is Primordial which clearly defines the labels intent to release quality psychedelic minimal/progressive which leans towards the darker side.
Devoid of cheese, the tracks go from eerie night time atmospheres with time and space to thumpin' daytime chunk. With some surprise additions to the tracklist that include a minimal mind twister from the Artifakt, and an eerie, psychedelic moody stomper from Kluster's side project with friend dj EgoT, Cause and Effect.

Also included are some additions from prog heavyweights such as Sensient, Behind Blue Eyes, Minimal Criminal, Autonomech and keeping with Biosine's ethic of releasing new and upcoming quality artists, monster track from Zenon's new find One Tasty Morsel and a tech-trance stomper from Israel's Mish-kah and Felis, all sweetly topped and tailed by more groovy down tempo from Bent Intent and Superfluous Nipple.

With a minimal of fluff this release goes about it's business of bringing staunch minimal/progressive to the outdoor party dancefloor as well as providing a CD that can be enjoyed from start to finish.

Style: Progress Trance
Released: Dec. 2008/50

1. All In - Bent Intent
2. The Real Australia - Autonomech
3. Stoflck Stiflck - Cause, Effect
4. Brown Chaps - Sensient
5. 2Nd Apocalypse - Artifakt
6. Block The Stock - Mish-Kah, Felis
7. Red Mongolian Deathworm - Minimal Criminal
8. Sub Standard - One Tasty Morsel
9. Rumble In The Jungle (Sensient Rmx) - Behind Blue Eyes
10. Childhood - Superfluous Nipple