Compilation - Primal Freaks (CD)


Audioalchemists Rec. proudly presents the world of the Primal Freaks.Label artist Astralis has carefully selected nine freaky tracks for this newest compilation. The releasee includes a scope from cheery songs to intense music until wistful sounds. Each track is unique, each track is freaky, created by artists from the progressive hotspots in Greece, Israel, Switzerland, Serbia and Italy. It doesn't make any difference whether you are music lover, dancer or Dj, you will fall in love with this collection of contemporary progressive psychedelic music every single time you listen to it. Close your eyes and see the lights of the enchanted forest, where the Primal Freaks are playing. But take care, they can induce special effects in your mind.
With this new album both artists have fused their talents creating a next generation master piece of mixed style psychedelic electro trance. Huge production stands out immediately from the crowd the moment the music starts its magical rhythmic pulsations eclipsing the mundane and obliterating all notions of conventionality! Spun Records proudly presents the hottest new sensation of the season direct from Ibiza where this revolutionary festival music bursts forth amid the sun beams over frothy waves and exotic beaches of party paradise where each night is an electric zoo! These French sensations are kicking up serious dust in Ibiza! Its true, this island is home to non stop wild motion. So come and open the door to Room 35 where inside is the electro disco of the new millennium!


1. Electro Disco 
2. Room 35 - (Live mix) 
3. Electric Zoo 
4. Exotic Beach Party 
5. It's True 
6. Phunkadelictic 
7. French Sensation 
8. Dust In Ibiza 
9. Wild Motion


1. Beatbox - NORMALIZE 
2. Special Effects - CABAL 
3. Forest Lights - AQUAFEEL 
5. I'm Burning - ASTRALIS 
6. Check One - (Inner State rmx)RITMO 
7. Boro Boro - E-CLIP AND FLEGMA 
8. Every Single Time - RITREE 
9. Enchanted Forest - NERSO