Compilation - Positive Alchemists Vol. 4 (CD)


Compilation - Positive Alchemists Vol. 4 (CD) This fourth V/A from Avigmatic's 'Positive Alchemists' releases consists firstly of present well-known psy-trance projects that appear on a lot of compilations, DJ sets and live-acts world wide, mainly Cosmic Tone, System Nipel, XSI and Mad Maxx.

Next, the V/A features some recent but already well-known projects, Kamasutrance, Atomiculture (Atomic Pulse and Protoculture) and Silver Sun, that have all became very quickly known for a lot of great tracks and live-acts.

Finally, some debut talented artists that are worth listening and promoting, including Lunarave, Bohemica and of course the trance project Avigmati (KhetzaL and DJ Chai).

This V/A represents a taste of well-known and debut artists, a positive listening experience, the main time energetic trance with as much melodic layers as possible.

This release represents Avigmatic's vision of present psy trance productions, featuring modern sounds and beats, without forgetting the real melodic and positive trance spirit, inherited from early goa trance.
Style: Psytrance
Released: Jul. 2009/31

1. Future Blows 142 - ATOMICULTURE 2. Back to Goa - (Live Version)KAMASUTRANCE 3. Somthing for your mind - COSMIC TONE 4. Crank - SYSTEM NIPEL 5. Life Path - XSI, MAD MAXX 6. The second room - (Avigmati rmx)X DREAM 7. From time to time - LUNARAVE 8. Light - (Silver Sun rmx)FREAKED FREQUENCY 9. Reverie - BOHEMICA -