Compilation - Platform 02 (CD)


Compilation - Platform 02 (CD) Compiled by Anti and BakkeThe latest offering from Sweden's finest, Spiral Trax, is the second Platform compilation.
Label head honchos Anti and Bakke have carefully selected nine spanking new tracks that are rolling, chugging, tweaking and bleeping their way through nearly 80 minutes of proggy-techy-trancey dancefloor fun.

Up and coming artists such as Fred White, Aerodroemme and Squared Curves are packed shoulder to shoulder with established acts like Atmos, Gaudium and Sleek (aka Liquid Soul).


1. Altus - FRED WHITE 
2. Whirlpool - SLEEK 
3. Ginaton - (Karl Johan rmx)INDEPTH 
4. Funk da Skunk - GAUDIUM 
5. Micro Life - SQL 
6. Into the groove - (Aerodroemme rmx)ATMOS 
7. As time goes byte - XV KILIST 
8. Femtronics - PAULINA CEWE 
9. Marshmellow - SQUARED CURVES