Compilation - Planet Meditation (CD)


Compilation - Planet Meditation (CD) Wondering what CD to take with you when going away for a relaxing weekend or a long drive?Well, you don't have to go over your entire music collection anymore and end up with a pile of CDs in your hand. We have gathered here for you in one CD, a bunch of fine and soft tunes that will relax your body and soul. By judging from the track list, it is easy to tell that all are by reliable and leading names in this field.
All tracks are perfect 'ear openers', suitable also for starting the day with, or after a party. In order to absorb the full experience of Planet Meditation, we strongly recommend you listen to the whole CD from the start. Your day won't be the same after

Join us on a voyage to Planet Meditation, dive into the mysterious atmosphere for peace of mind. We feel this album is timeless. We hope you join us and enjoy this journey through sound.


1. Blue Galaxie - TOTAL ECLIPSE 
2. Fifth Level - CELTIC CROSS 
3. Bosphoressence - ECHO SYSTEM 
4. Journey Into The Complex Brain - ELYSIUM 
5. Deep East - ETNICA 
6. Avalon - SPECTRAL 
7. Black Body Radiation - TOTAL ECLIPSE 
8. Relaxed Vortex - X-DREAM 
9. Tantrika - TOIRES 
10. Shivranjani Raga - SRI HARI