Compilation - Pisces 2009


Compiled by Dj Michael Liu.Pisces 2009 is the top shelf showcase of International and Local San Francisco Producers who all share the same Zodiac sign.
Each year San Francisco's dance music community gathers to celebrate this cosmic and hydraulic powered birth sign with an Epic international level electronic music show. This special collected tracks from the legendary Pisces gatherings in San Francisco is presented in CD format. Compiled by Michael Liu, veteran electronic music DJ of 15 years and founder of Illumination Records and Pisces Music.

This musical journey spans the whole range of sounds within the psychedelic electronic genre with a focus on dance floor friendly magic all expertly mastered by Vibrasphere aka Hyzer (Rickard Berglof and Robert Elster ) well known veteran producers who included their exclusive new track Elastic for this exciting and unique production!

Visionary art hand produced exclusively for this package by Chris Olerich from Santa Barbara, CA.


1. Just bounce for me - GABRIEL BLACK 
2. Elastic - HYZER 
3. Hellamental - BIRD OF PREY 
4. Just wanna dance - MR ROGERS 
6. Mr Nemmeth - DEEDRAH 
7. Atix - KODE IV 
8. Reverse Engineering - RANDOM ROB-OT 
9. Lost in drums - CARLOS ALFONZO