Compilation - Peakological


After a long absence from the psytrance realms, Peak Records returns with a bang!'Peakological', a mind-bending collection of wild rhythms and pumping grooves, is the newest addition to a long series of highly acclaimed compilations.
'Peakological' is a fresh batch of sonic wizardry, artfully compiled by resident peaker DJ Apex, using only the finest ingredients on the global psychedelic market.

Faithful to Peak Records' unique style, 'Peakological' combines ten original tunes into a stunning sequence of pulsating power, solidly grounded by the customary down- tempo intro and outro.

Peakological will stretch your emotional boundaries and take your body, mind and soul on a sparky therapeutic journey of sensory delight that is guaranteed to heal and recharge your cosmic battery.

Tune in, Groove on, and Peak out!


1. Zero Point - (Intro)AJJA AND TANINA2. Dose The Caterpillar - ILLEGAL SENSATIONS (PARASENSE, ILLEGAL MACHINES)3. Dr. Feelgoog - SOUTHWILD4. Chunky Business - PSYMMETRIX AND SATYA5. When it is! - (Illegal Machines rmx)REV6. But Why? - AJJA AND APEX7. Dr. Strange - (rmx)SYNTHETIK CHAOS AND MONS8. That's Egg - AJJA AND APEX9. Morphogenetic Ascent - EVP10. Lunar Scum - VERTICAL11. Mental Disease - KYKEON AND KARASH12. The Core - (Outro)MASTER MARGHERITA