Compilation - Peace and Love Vol 2 (CD)


Compilation - Peace and Love Vol 2 (CD) Vertigo Records continue to explore fluid chill-out vibes from all around the world and presents second compilation filled with truly peace and love sounds.
The journey starts with well known Russian project Timoon, two tracks made by Izzumm - Russian electronic producer and multi-instrumentalist who has moved to India and spend a lot of time there learning local musical traditions and playing different instruments. Influences of Indian music enlarged his potential of artist, sound engineer and dj which he gained in motherland.

This compilation is also a quite rare chance to listen to chill and downbeat experiments made by famous psy-trance producers Transdriver, Furious and Ocelot. Other side of their talents unfolds in three fresh and previously unrealized tracks.

Well-known South-African chill-out musician Pearce van der Merwe from Flooting Grooves dazzles with enigmatic flute sounds and warm melodies in 'Start again' tune.

Vertigo Records is trying to search and release music that can be described as 'danceable chill-out'. Tracks, that has some beat and makes you even dance. Last three tunes of compilation is a clear example of label's tendencies: Australians Hypnagog and Mental Extensions as well as Russian RED gives a new, fresh sound with live instruments and funky beat. Peace and love Vol. 2. Don't miss that one! Peace and love!


1. Sunrise On Diva Bay Timoon - TIMOON2. Rogodoov Izzumm - IZZUM3. And The Wind Across The River Izzumm - IZZUM4. Electric Moon Trancedriver - TRANCEDRIVER5. Start Again Flooting Grooves - FLOOTING GROOVES6. Weather Report Furious - FURIOUS7. Pinguin Picnic Ocelot - OCELOT8. Voda Red - RED9. Deadly and Yellow Hypnagog - HYPNAGOG10. Intangible Mental Extentions - MENTAL EXTENTIONS