Compilation - Pathfinder (CD)


Compilation - Pathfinder (CD) Iono strikes back with a massive attack to all trance lovers who never lost their belief in the returning cycles of psychedelic dance music.

So it is no surprise that Label partner Murus by himself is leading you on to the path from the modern deep progressive side into a fresh era of psychedelic trance. In his long Dj career Murus has admittedly built a reputation for storming DJ sets which continually break down the boundaries between all kinds of stumping trance music.

However it has been his versatility as a DJ and his careful track selection that has proven him to be a highly regarded performer who takes the sound to a darker but always psychedelic trip.

Now he has collected 10 tracks for you, made by well known artists like Magoon, Protonica, Klopfgeister, Unseen Dimensions (who is also know as full-on act Twilight), Zen Mechanics, Fat Data and other fantastic artists who are well known for their affinity to build up the tension and letting it explode with massive uplifting bombs.

Finally you will say its once again a bunch of high quality music by numerous great artists from around the globe, brought to you by Iono Music.

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Style: Progress Trance
Released: Jun. 2009/25

1. Intro - PROTONICA 2. Dirty Santa - KLOPFGEISTER
3. Delusion - MAGOON
4. Space n time - (Ritmo rmx)MUTE
6. Nervous Breakdown - (Anton Chernikov rmx)JOHN 00 FLEMING
7. Daydream - FAT DATA
9. Crystal Alchemy - ALADIAH VS. SIGNS
10. Airflow - (Live Edit)PROTONICA