Compilation - Pangaea


Hadra Records are proud to present the first compilation by Jimson: Pangaea.Way before mankind the Earth's land formed one big continent. The world took its current shape about 250 million years ago. In its eternal quest for survival, the human race developed different ways of living and thought patterns directly linked with its varying habitats. These diversities in terms of mentality, culture and religion became sources of many conflicts.
Music has the power of unifying human beings as it triggers feelings easily recognizable within all of us. Through music, we become one.


1. The psychedelic experience - SHOTU2. How's your head - MR PECULIAR3. Star Born - ATOMIC PULSE4. Through the brain - PAINKILLER5. Menotone - MENOG VS CHROMATONE6. Romp and stomp - ARTSENSE7. Virtuoso - LOST AND FOUND8. Dead after death - OCCY9. Maudits Artistes - LUNAROOT