Compilation - Palpitation (CD)


Compilation - Palpitation (CD) Harmonia Records strikes back with its bright new compilation 'Palpitation'. Featuring nine exclusive and previously unreleased tracks from the hottest names of the greek psy-trance scene.

Since its very beginning Harmonia Records always supported the local scene and artists so this time the label gathered and combined the forces of well known greek projects such as the legendary Wizzy Noise, Pause and Conwerter along with new rising stars like Ridden, Eunoia, Disco Hooligans and Nooz in order to end up with a smashing compilation destined to turn the world's dancefloors upside down.

Heavy kicks, bouncing baselines, deep atmospheres, innovative effects and melodic rhythms make each track unique and will keep your mind and body busy at all times. If you are a fan of serious psychedelic trance sounds then 'Palpitation' is made for you and the disc will become a precious gem in your music collection.
Style: Psytrance
Released: Jul. 2009/30

1. Planetary System - PAUSE 2. Panic Oscillation - WIZZY NOISE 3. Wanting More - NOOZ 4. Main Vane - RIDDEN 5. Magnetic Fields - CONWERTER 6. Deeper Truth - RIDDEN, CONWERTER 7. Over and Over - NOOZ 8. Audio Suck - EUNOIA 9. Manic Guru - DISCO HOOLIGANS -