Compilation - Pagan Forest Magik (CD)


Compilation - Pagan Forest Magik (CD) Compiled Dj Shaft The Magik Family is proud to present the first Green Magik release. With truly fresh sounds and visions created by artists living in Sweden, Russia, Mexico, Israel, UK, Japan, Greece, Brazil, Venezuela and the US, Pagan Forest Magik is a truly international album that is perfect for outdoor and forest dance floors around the globe.
Artwork by DJ Psyveda, mastering by Tim Schuldt. Green Magik Records - Help the Artists, Save the Earth

Style: Psytrance
Released: Nov. 2008/47

1. Patend Of Life - Vegetal
2. Dripfeeders - Unreleazz
3. Last Madness - Shadai
4. Magik Country - Strezz
5. Organic Green Explosion - Cuboid Atom
6. Shadow In The Darkness - Fatal Discord
7. Pure Fear - Komfuzius
8. Unlock These Mysteries - Sychotria
9. Coding Sequence - Dragon