Compilation - PAZ


Ovnimoon is back again compiling the eighteenth release from Ovnimoon Records in the form of an Ambient Chill Out Compilation titled PAZ or 'Peace'.
Following after the down tempo song at the end of 'Transitions In Trance' Ovnimoon carries the listener into a slower groove.

The songs on Paz range from groovy lounge ready chill to danceable but relaxing melodic beach vibe styled musical journeys. Each track is infused with ancient tribal energy and touches of psychedelic sounds and feelings, crafted to relax your mind or move your body.

Tracks by masters from all around the globe making waves in the psychedelic chill scene like Gus Till, Unit Blue, Terra Nine, Maiia, Lauge and Baba Gnohm, and X.D.3, Ovnimoon, Suduaya, Ren Toudu, Selianego, and newly added artist to Ovnimoon records BlueBliss.


1. Sunlit Path 3 - GUS TILL 
2. Forest Hideout - REN TOUDU 
3. Cuasran - SELIANEGO 
4. Through endless Ice Waters - LAUGE AND BABA GNOHM FT. VONOOM 
5. Fly away, my sadness - MAIIA 
7. Goodbye - Hello - TOR.MA AND X.D.3 
8. Something for life - OVNIMOOON 
9. House of the flying people - SUDUAYA 
10. Dawn - TERRA NINE 
11. Tango Bay - (Ovnimoon Sunset rmx)UNITBLUE 
12. Autumn Pond - REN TOUDU