Compilation - Overmind Vol 2 (CD)


Compiled by Dj Jimmy 9.The second volume of the Overmind series is again compiled by Veleno Music label and DJ Jimmy 9.
Powerful basslines, dreamy melodies and exotic rhythms in 9 qualities of fluid morning full on psytrance tracks are composed by new coming talents and top artists around.

'Overmind Vol 2' is a compilation for all those who want to live a new sound experience, where tracks seem to be trips for unknown destinations...we are only passengers!


1. Rebirth - METAPHASE AND SUPERNATURAL2. Hot Chili - SUNNY CLOUD VS DJ MIRKO3. Innit Daz - M-THEORY4. Fruit Beats - SUPERNATURAL5. Preparation Course - EYE CONTACT VS RASAEL6. August Rush - COMPLEX7. Fast Forward - AQUILA8. Men in black - ACID PROPHECY VS PANASONIKA9. I fly with you - PERPLEX VS COMPLEX