Compilation - Organika


Organika is the newest compilation of Various Artist presented on Geomagnetic Records.The tracks on Organika are selected by the well known Psytrance artist and dj Shake aka Luis Macias from Mexico.
A masterfully selected and arranged list of Fullon psytrance movers and shakers from across the globe. 11 massive bassline driven dj tools tested successfully on many dance floors by Shake and the artist who have contributed. Every artist is well known from many previous hit releases over the last decade and each represents their own cutting edge style. Organika will surprise and entertain both listener and dj alike with a full range of creative high energy melodic and epic musical stories. Shake will be releasing a full length album with Geomagnetic soon, so enjoy this taste of the style's that he wishes to present to the world.


1. Organika - SHAKE 
2. Breath - (Twilight rmx)IN-PANIC 
3. Music Machine - WHITE NOISE 
4. Progress - ION, DJ TONY 
5. Head Funk - (Underbeat rmx)VIRTUAL ATTACK 
6. No Good 4 You - (Lynkin Edit)ANSWER, SHAKE 
7. Attack - VOLCANO 
8. Soft Comp - BUBBLE 
9. Brain Washed - POLI, DR.HOFFMAN 
10. Cosmoon - SHAKE 
11. High Attack - VAKTUN, NOBU KAMATA