Compilation - Organic Vision Vol 1 (CD)


Compilation - Organic Vision Vol 1 (CD) The organic sounds of Goa, lately forgotten, are brought back again with a new touch. The New School Goa-Trance.

The album starts with the track Ancestors, they being the ones we should learn all the secrets from, secrets that have to do with the mystic power of Kundalini and the visions that come with it. This is the 'Hidden world', parallel with the one we live. After so much tech, it's time for the organic vision of things, the return to the origins...of Goa too.'

A psychedelic journey in the realm of spirit and trance.
Style: Psytrance
Released: May. 2009/22

1. The Ancestores - ARTIFACT 303
2. The Cosmic Anaconda - PRMAL SOURCE VS KUNDALINI
3. Radiant Vision - (Dome rmx)E-MANTRA
4. Influence your dreams - ARTIFACT 303
5. Hidden World - PRMAL SOURCE
6. Consequences - ARTIFACT 303
7. Telluric Waves - E-MANTRA
8. Strada cu tramvaie - HYPNO
9. Moon Walker - E-MANTRA