Compilation - Optoplanar (CD)


Compilation - Optoplanar (CD) Urban Antidote strikes back after their very sucessful first Compilation 'Remedy'!They are now proud and ready to explore the next step in the 'urban humility' with this unique masterpiece of mechanical concepts, liquid and organic sounds called as 'VA Optoplanar'.
It is made for the mind bending moments on the floor always pushing you on the limits of your own magical creations.


1. Midgets aren't welcome - OIL VS XABBU 
2. Dirty broken sound - SUSHUPTI 
3. Inkin Skyp Fundusk - TERRATECH 
4. Spectral Radial - KARAMALICE 
5. Alive Creatures - BLISARGON DEMOGORGON 
6. Brain Melt - AUDIOPATHIK 
7. Mind Busters - HALLUCYPNOTIC 
8. Hong Kong Phodey - JELLY VS DEMENTIA 
9. Bumtax - BOMBAX 
10. Hybrid - SPIRAL 
11. On the way - DECIMATOR