Compilation - On (CD)


Blacklite Records is pleased to switch you 'ON'...With this first compilation 'ON', Blacklite Records breaks into the psychedelic scene with ten explosive tracks, carefully produced to turn on any dancefloor.
The result is a clean high quality production that flows smoothly, naturally increasing the groove.

From deep atmospheric and progressive sounds, ON evolves into strong and more intense vibes to lead you throughout this fresh and crispy musical journey. In this compilation there is a balanced blend of most known Blacklite Records artists such as Nukleall, Purple Raver, Barkode and Rack Riders, along with some of the brightest names of the international scene such as Dickster and Hopi, Flegma and Zyce, Solar Spectrum, Rocky, Ital and Ilai.

At Blacklite Records we always aim to bring you the best quality in music production. ON has been created exclusively with tracks for a smashing CD, with a strong psychedelic taste that flow into a modern dance music style. These tracks are all top productions and the final touch has been given by Neuromotor with his smart, dynamic and pure analog mastering.


1. Naked Eyes - ROCKY 
2. Fall Back - FLEGMA AND ZYCE 
3. Crossing Reality - NUKLEALL 
4. Decadence - DICKSTER AND HOPI 
5. Bahia Time - ITAL 
7. Vibration of Mantra - ILAI 
8. Uplanding - PURPLE RAVER 
9. Mysteries of the governments - BARKODE 
10. Connect to the source - SOLAR SPECTRUM