Compilation - On A Dub Mission Vol 2 (CD)


Compilation - On A Dub Mission Vol 2 (CD) A smoking selection of tracks, hand picked by Crazy Baldhead from Dubmission Records for your dubbing delectation. The collection opens with International Observer adding rootical vibes to Pitch Black, and Warp Technique updating a classic Scientist bassline with some psychedelic twists. Then ambient legends Sounds from the Ground present a dub straight from the chiller cabinet, with added licks courtesy of the maestro Gaudi.

Third Ear Audio are otherwise known as Earthling and Doof, and this track is a tasty sampler from their debut album, due out July '09. They are followed by Alucidnation, who has the rare honour of having played at every Big Chill festival since they began, and Japan's experimental ambient producer, Metalob.

Dubrovnik is a mainstay in the modern Bristol music scene, having worked with everyone from SmithandMighty to Babyhead, and this track is taken from his last album. Equally, Green Monitor are household names in Cork, Ireland, where their dub, roots, world crossover has wowed many an audience.

The album ends with a roots meets dubstep track courtesy of Barcelona duo, AshtonandBarbena, with vocals from the legendary Paul St Hilaire, who as Tikiman graced many a Rhythm and Sound/Basic Channel cut back in the 90s.

All in all, a worthy successor to Volume One and a good sign of things to come bring on Volume Three!
Style: Dub
Released: Sep. 2009/36

1. 1000 Mile Drift - (International Observer rmx)PITCH BLACK2. Make Animals Happy - WARP TECHNIQUE3. Palmprint - (Version)SOUNDS FROM THE GROUND FEAT GAUDI4. Travelguide to Babylon - YOU-MAN5. Final Front Ear - THIRD EAR AUDIO6. Fog - (in dub)ALUCIDNATION7. Baroom - METALOB8. Step it up - DUBROVNIK9. Down by the river - GREEN MONITOR10. Over All - ASHTON AND BARBENA FEAT PAUL ST HILAIRE -