Compilation - Obsessiv Progressiv (CD)


Compilation - Obsessiv Progressiv (CD) Hadra's progressive trance DJ, Kokmok, has brewed his first compilation: 10 previously unreleased tracks translating the best emotions you can possibly feel on a dancefloor.

The bass line of Obsessiv Progressiv arrives, and is never aggressive. From psychedelic progressive to morning trance, this new Hadra release gathers the latest evolutions of the progressive genre. The project features internationally acclaimed artists as well as talented new comers from the label.

Echotek produced a very dynamic track especially for the occasion. Ovnimoon and Funky Dragon stick to their reputation as being amongst the most creative producers around while Ritmo and Cyklones replicate the performance with astonishing creations.

French artist Sensifeel managed a high quality remix of an already excellent tune by Aerospace. Demonstrating the endless diversity of his skills, Barak gives us a taste of his new Mexican sound which is going to cause mayhem on the dancefloors.

New Hadra progressive artists also make an appearance on the compilation. D-Root, Cezzok and Lunarave together bring a touch of freshness and originality thanks to powerful and surprising tracks. You are going to ask for more! Hadra is proud to present you its fourteenth release, offering originality and innovation to psytrance lovers.

Tuck in!
Style: Progress Trance
Released: May 2009/19

1. Evolution - BARAK
2. Sub Rewire - ECHOTEK
3. Free Fall - (Sensifeel rmx)AEROSPACE
5. Red Planet - CEZZOK
6. Vision Oblique - D-ROOT
7. Discovery - RITMO
8. Believe in yourself - OVNIMOON
9. White Doors - CYKLONES
10. Nothing's Real - LUNARAVE