Compilation - Obscure


After the 'Halo Effect' Damaru Records is presenting something 'Obscure'.This is the second psychedelic journey compiled by the label heads Ignis and Mitra who selected ten masterpieces of powerful psychedelic music.
Starting with the Brazilian well known act Sychotria the course of obscurity sounds goes through a collaboration between Paranoize from Israel and Ectogasmics from Sweden/Germany, Swiss based Digitalist and his 'Labyrinth Of The Universe' to an upcoming artist collaboration between Civil Disobedients and Mark Day from the United Kingdom. Further Conxion from Ectogasmics comes up with an 'NY Meatloaf'. Nyama and Bombax from Hamburg/Germany will let you know how 'Rainbow Juice' sounds like. No time to take a breath as Sushupti from Portugal and Loose Connection from the United Kingdom continue with the obscure soundscape. Antagon and Ignis also from Hamburg/Germany present their interpretation of 'Obscure' and Kasatka from Berlin/Germany leads this journey to an end with a 'B Movie'.

Don't miss this 'Obscure' piece of dark psychedelic music!


1. Lunar Insolation - SYCHOTRIA2. Copyriot - ECTOGASMICS AND PARANOIZE3. The labyrinth of the universe - DIGITALIST4. Quidam - CIVIL DISOBEDIENTS AND MARK DAY5. NY Meatloaf - CONXION6. Rainbow Juice - NYAMA AND BOMBAX7. Unending Labyrinth - SUSHUPTI8. Plus 4 - LOOSE CONNECTION9. Obscure - ANTAGON AND IGNIS10. B Movie - KASATKA