Compilation - Northern Avantgarde (CD)


Compiled by Benni and Marco MoonThe term 'Northern Progressive Trance' alludes to the geographic origin of this style, since many of its pioneers came from Nordic regions. And despite there has been a lot of development during the past decade and good progressive productions can be heard from all points of the compass today, they still bear that certain characteristic traits of that originally Nordic version of Psychedelic Trance.
The arrangements summon strength from focussing on single sound elements and their production quality, sophisticated melody entries and effects create those special, relaxed but still so much stimulating groove. The recent Northern Avantgarde can be understood in front of this background. Beside the well-known progressive protagonists of the northern scene it includes also colleagues from all over the world namely who excellently know their craft.


2. Traveller - SIDEFORM 
3. Diver - VAISHIYAS 
4. On the move - DJ FABIO AND MOON 
5. Dont Blink - AEROSPACE 
6. Cosmic Sisters - DAY DIN AND DJ FABIO 
7. Cabin Pressure - NEELIX 
8. Klopfgeister Remix - THE AGE OF LOVE 
9. Eccentric Status - SYNESTHETIC 
10. Neutron - ZYCE AND VICE