Compilation - Noctopus (CD)


Noctopus is a feature compilation showcasing the progressive talents of four e.p.p artists. Meltdown, Sol Connection and Sunrunner you might recognise from previous e.p.p releases and we're happy to feature the debut release of Widespread a.k.a Fracas. Featuring two tracks from each artist Noctopus showcases the quality of Australian progressive trance.
All tracks have been carefully selected by Nitzhogoa heavyweights Agneton and Goalien, providing you with a delicious mix of new upcoming talents and some well-known artists. Get this CD now and be prepared for an unforgettable party experience!


1. Arid Sand - (Nitzhonic mix)PHARAOM2. Julia's Wings - PERSISTENT AURA3. De Wereldoverbrugger - AGNETON4. Galactic Treatment - THE GREY GUY5. Impulse - VOX6. Honor by the sword - GOALIEN7. Karisma - RAMA8. E-law - E-LAW9. Endless Height - JBC ARKADI


1. Tres Bon - SUNRUNNER2. Imenja - MELTDOWN3. Hollows - SOL CONNECTION4. Sprog - WIDESPREAD5. Aftermath¨ - MELTDOWN6. Bushwalking to the moon - SUNRUNNER7. Nauseous Conspiracy - WIDESPREAD8. The good old days - SOL CONNECTION