Compilation - New Order 2 (CD)


Compilation - New Order 2 (CD) Compiled by Ace Ventura It's been over 2 years since the release of the much talked about 'New Order' compilation. Compiled by Ace Ventura and including tracks by artists like Astrix, Ticon, D-Nox and Beckers, FREq, Wrecked Machines and Ace Ventura himself, it was one of the most used CD's in the arsenal of progressive DJ's that year, and a CD that marked a new direction for HOMmega Records.

Much has happened since then though. Styles like electro, techno and progressive house have gotten a much bigger role on parties on the psychedelic trance scene, with new ideas and influences as a result. This is also quite evident on the new version of the 'New Order' CD, where the BPM is now even lower than on the first one, ranging from 125 to 130 BPM, but still true to the roots, meaning lots of dancefloor-power, trance-like elements and fresh, interesting ideas.

The tunes on the second chapter are once again carefully selected by Ace Ventura, one of the busiest and most well-respected producers and DJ's on the progressive trance scene, and his selections are all of very high quality.

For starters, Riktam and Bansi, responsible for countless megahits with the acts GMS and 1200 Mics, show their new groovier side with the tech/progressive monster 'No Fear'. Aussie Nyquist (with one half being Aren Gallagher aka FREq) and Swiss Liquid Soul have both have huge success on the progressive trance scene, and here they show a slower, groovier side of their repertoire while still staying true to their trance-roots, and the Swiss project Khainz (aka Freakulizer) presents yet another stand-out tune, which proves why he slowly but surely has become one of the most requested names on the progressive/techno scene. Swedish progressive legends Ticon, who have made some of the biggest progressive trance anthems in the last 10 years, are also present on the compilation, and with a delicate mix of euphoric melodies and techy beats they once again show that they know how to move a dancefloor like no other.

Finally Israel, the homeland of HOMmega Records and Ace Ventura, is heavily represented on the compilation: Yotopia, who recently released their second album on Iboga Records, have made a stylish remix for 'Dead End' by Schatsi (another Ace Ventura side project), Israeli progressive pioneers Lish have made a new groovy summer-tune, and the successful Ido Ophir and Miki Litvak duo (who were also producing together as Domestic) present another one of their monstrous bassline-heavy tunes, before the upcoming producer A. Balter finish the compilation with some seriously deep and heavy techno beats.
Style: Psytrance
Released: Aug. 2009/33

1. No Fear - RIKTAM AND BANSI 2. Cubanism - NYQUIST 3. Juan From Colombia - TICON 4. Spell - LIQUID SOUL 5. Dead End - (Yotopia rmx)SCHATSI 6. White Buds - LISH 7. High Pressure - KHAINZ 8. Meshugaim - IDO OPHIR AND MIKI LITVAK 9. Art Off - A. BALTER -