Compilation - New Front Ears (CD)


Compilation - New Front Ears (CD) Compiled by GacidWarning - Listening to this album at high volume may have serious Psyde FX...
Phar Psyde Records are back once again with the ill behaviour and our fantastic fifth release - New Front Ears. Anyone who follows the label will know that this has been in the pipeline for a while now, but it is with great pride that we can announce that it is Finally Here!

Compiled by Gacid this powerhouse of an album is full throttle from beginning to end. New Front Ears features 10 previously unreleased tracks from some of the most imaginative artists in the scene and showcases the stomping sound Gacid has become legendary for across the party circuit in the UK and beyond. Expect pure heads-down dancefloor destroyers for the proper psychedelic lovers of this world.

Enough gumph though - time to break some psychedelic boundaries and explore the new frontiers of sound, possibility and imagination...


1. Elemental - GUINEA PIGS2. Strong Stuff - RASTALIENS3. Jazz Tech - AJJA4. Crux Event - ORGANIC HYBRID5. D.N.A. Memories - KONFLUX AND SYNTHETIK CHAOS6. Fish And Chips - PIRATED MACHINES7. Pinapapa - YAB YUM VS SHOTU8. Phar Away - EVP9. Uneasy Ddeep Bbrian from bosis - DEEP BRIAN FROM BOSIS10. Shirty Daffy - DIRTY SAFFI