Compilation - Naturall Frequency 2 (CD)


Compilation - Naturall Frequency 2 (CD) The new compilation from Dj Jharu a psytrance story by this Belgian based dj, to break out from the night into the day, 2 smashing psykotunes by Bitkit, flavoured by a strong buildup by Jharu and friends towards the mighty Mantra! Bitkit, La Mila Fraktophon Jharu Apnea Ainur are your freakmachine operators on this one, as a special guest from Chile we welcome Ainur on this compilation!
We hope you enjoy - Your Naturall team


1. Hentai Jharu and Apnea - JHARU AND APNEA2. Evolution Jharu - JHARU3. Blackhole Bitkit - BITKIT4. Holiday Situation Jharu - JHARU5. Salvation - FRAKTOPHON6. Rivendel Ainur - RIVENDEL AINUR7. Mantra - BITKIT8. THH - LA MILA9. Empathy - GOWAX