Compilation - Natura (CD)


Compilation - Natura (CD) 20 Hertz Records is a newly founded Canadian label. Based in Montreal, this label was created in 2009 by Jeff M.K.Ultra with D.J. Makinaw to present to the world, a few of the artists they had the pleasure to meet over the last decade.

20 Hertz records is proud to present to you, their first Canadian release, featuring some of the finest Canadian artists, as well as a sampling from one of our friends in Mexico.

This compilation is the birth of a new project, in co-operation with Project 2012 (Canada) and Wiricuta Space Conexion (Mexico) to organise Natura 2010 festival in a magical place in Mexico.
Style: Psytrance
Released: May 2009/21

1. Exodus - TAKOUMA
2. Cold Influence - CLONE
3. Infinity Plus One - CLONE
5. Plate on light - URANTIA
6. Inification - SHIP WRECK
7. Ignotus Scienta - COSMIC ORGASME
8. Cosmopsychique - COSMIC ORGASME
9. Depth Charge - RESET
10. Tooth'n'Nail - RESET
11. Fanstatics Dream - CQDX