Compilation - Mysteries Of Psytrance Vol 2


Ovnimoon Records brigns the world another amazing 20 track compilation.Volume 2 continues the search to answer the millennial question of what is Psytrance! Hector Stuardo aka Ovnimoon is the world known trance producer and seminal DJ extraordinaire.
Hector digs deep into his magic stash of fresh new and unreleased tracks to present a showcase of the latest magnificent selections from the worlds leading talent and even some as yet undiscovered gems! Disc one leaves the listener begging for more after a full featured exploration through a majestic world of hard progressive and modern psytrance sounds building up for disc two which transfers the listener into the sound of Neo Goa and further to the future acting like a Pandora's box of surprises with bold ideas charting new paths through the cosmos. Tracks from labels artists Ovnimoon, Psilocybian, Via Azis, Trinodia and Wizack Twizack create a foundation for the cosmic escapade. Opsy, and Existence deliver remixes of songs by Ectima and Rastaliens. Psypheric, Yashpal, Attik, Existence, Geneoterma, Hedonix, Nova Fractal, Neon and Zentrix all join the team with their blasting mysteries. Meanwhile Spirit Architect, Josh, Paratech, and Cosmo Circle continue to push us deeper into space following their previous compilation and EP releases with our label.

This trip is so packed with pleasure that you won't ever want to stop. Once unlocked, the mysteries will surely sweep you along into the wake of a powerful comet of sonic deliverance bound for the outer rim!


1. Insufferable User - (Opsy rmx)ECTIMA 
2. Pandorum - PSYPHERIC 
3. Love is the key - OVNIMOON 
5. Maquinarium - ATTIK 
6. Solar Activity - EXISTENCE 
8. Quasarian - VIA AXIS 
9. Shapeshifter - (Existence rmx)RASTALIENS 
10. 029 Receptors - WIZACK TWIZACK11. Escape - TRINODIA 
12. Blooming Particles - GENEOTERMA 
13. Emic Reality - HEDONIX 
14. Visited - TRINODIA 
15. Perception - NOVA FRACTAL 
16. Waiting for god - JOSH 
17. Sequencing the future - PARATECH 
18. Miragem - COSMO CIRCLE 
19. Massive Durassive - NEON 
20. Outpost - ZENTRIX