Compilation - Mystagogue


Compiled by Overdream.Have you ever wondered where the sacred knowledge comes from? Who possessesthis knowledge and how is the knowledge being passed on through centuries, generation after generation? Skygravity Records present 'Mystagogue'.
A journey of the fundamental initiation into the abundant knowledge in the form of music. Become a part of the process of transferring the spirit and technology with the gurus Ocelot, Wizack Twizack, Iaunaria, Sanathana, Overdream and others.

Join us on the journey of the sacred enlightenment.


1. Intro - INTRO 
2. Cinderella's last dance - SANATHANA 
3. Konkachila - MANJU 
4. Spring Grooves - GIDO 
5. Welcome to Sirius - IANUARIA 
6. Nebuloso - (rmx)OCELOT 
7. The first initiation - OVERDREAM 
8. Join my cult - WIZACK TWIZACK 
9. Estratego - TSABEAT 
10. Hage Mage - CIFROTECA