Compilation - Myriad Expressions


Myriad Expressions is the latest concoction of psychedelic morning madness from Electric Power Pole Records.
The compilation includes 10 unreleased tracks from various artists around the world, featuring well known names such as Talpa, Texas Faggott, Hedonix, Terrafractyl and Broken Toy as well as some new artists with fresh approaches to the genre. As with previous releases from this unique label, a diverse range of musical styles can be expected with everything from oldskool goa melodies and ethereal atmospheric soundscapes to the funkiest ass-shaking grooves. An emphasis on musicality and mood were an essential part of the selection criteria. The name of the album refers to the infinite forms and ways through which reality expresses itself. These songs are but a tiny cross section of the process, however their expression requires an extra element.Thats where you, the dancer or listener, comes in.


1. Angelic Horse Summoner - TEXAS FAGGOT2. Olivia's Song - HEDONIX3. Three Legged Cyclops - TERRAFRACTYL4. B Grade Rapper - FRACAS5. Tarantula - TALPA6. Gunilla and Gunnar - THE SEBASTIANS7. Brain Reader - BROKEN TOY8. Slipstream - TERRAFRACTYL9. Dwarfing - BASSID10. Sunfly - EKOPLEX