Compilation - Musica Humana Vol 1 (CD)


Compilation - Musica Humana Vol 1 (CD) Phoenix Groove present their very first installation with 'Musica Humana Vol1'.If you are familiar with the myth of the Phoenix then you will know that it was reborn from its own ashes. In much the same way, the long-awaited compilation from Phoenix Groove Records is finally on!
Phoenix Groove present their very first installation with 'Musica Humana Vol1', a well blended mixture of tastes and flavours, carefully selected and ready to deliver. Ranging from high-peak moods to the most memorable mellows, each track tells its own individual story. You might say that this is a small festival locked up and squeezed into CD format. The Phoenix Groove crew was extra careful with this one, not only because of the fact that it is their virginal attempt, but also because of their high standards and long-term aims.

This very first offer is the catalyst that will inspire and leave a unique aroma on the audience. Under The Tree Studios have already tested and double-checked the music on the floors, so there is no room for doubt in your mind. Invest in this compilation and feel the difference.


1. Feather - HI PROFILE 
2. White Cloud - SENSOGRAM 
3. Sensations - (Infinity rmx)ANDROMEDA 
4. Brain Bubbles - PROGENITOR 
5. 2012 - (feat Meander)INFINITY 
6. Stereo Interleaved - HI PROFILE 
7. Another Restless Night - SENSOGRAM 
8. Waterfall - HI PROFILE 
9. Wet Dreams - ARGONNIGHT