Compilation - Midnight's Shared Blossom (CD)


Compilation - Midnight's Shared Blossom (CD) The new Osom CD, colaboration between kindzadza, psykovsky and other artists, is ready to be yours. Carefully blended patterns of emotional layers mixed well in 9 tracks togiving you a unique experience to your mind soul and body.
+++All our yearning would be stilled if we were permitted - as secretly as in a fairy tale, so blissfully softly - to scatter into your brave mind the petals of the midnight's shared blossom+++

Style: Psytrance
Released: Dec. 2008/50

1. Exorsisto - Osom
2. Xaggittariuss - Osom
3. Wimp - Osom
4. Midnight's Blossom - Kindzadza, Technical Hitch
5. Power Snap - Kindzadza, Select Project
6. Cat Returns - Psykovsky, Furious
7. Mess In The Shop - Psykovsky, Energy Loop
8. Sametc - Osom
9. Shelest Plashey - Osom