Compilation - Mexican Progression 002 (CD)


Compilation - Mexican Progression 002 (CD) Compiled by Haka and Xpander...Mexican Progression 2 sets a new standard on releases from Uxmal Records.
A carefully selected mix of the finest tunes and talents from the Mexican progressive trance scene.

This release is set to expand your consciousness through deep and groove beats going from profound musical ambiences to powerful energetic rhythms.

With all the tracks and design made completely in Mexico, we pretend that this release will be the voice for our spirit and culture.


1. Spirit Walker - FAEORIN 
2. Parallel - STRATIL 
3. The party is calling - OJOS AND XAHNO 
4. Heil - ZONKA 
5. Nightmare Scape - HAKA 
6. Mandarina - KINIX 
7. Yeska - ZOLARIUM 
8. Jetz - WE 
9. Plasma - TERAHERT 
10. Spiritual Warfare - SUNSPOT